Bluebonnet Feeds – Intensify Growth & Development (50 lbs.)

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Product Description

50 lb. bag.

Intensify Growth & Development is the superior choice for pregnancy, lactation, and growth. Intensify Growth & Development contains low sugar, starch, and non-structural carbohydrate levels and is specifically formulated to promote a balanced growth rate of both bone and muscle. Mares should begin eating Intensify Growth & Development in the third trimester of pregnancy and continue until the foal is weaned. Foals should be fed Growth & Development until 24 months of age. This product contains “Intensify Technology” and is one of the most advanced feeds on the market for mare and foal nutrition.


Contains Stride 101 Supplement.
Probiotics and yeast culture are included at guaranteed levels for excellent digestive health.
“True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific names of the ingredients in this feed.
Elevated levels of Vitamin E for anti-oxidant support.
Contains reduced carbohydrate and starch levels.
Contains “Cool Energy” calories from premium fat sources rich in omega fatty acids.
Kelp seaweed meal is included for increased micronutrient support.
Critical amino acids, trace minerals and vitamin levels are guaranteed on the label.
Contains organic minerals and organic selenium yeast.

The superior choice in equine nutrition is Intensify. All Intensify feeds contain Bluebonnet’s “Intensify Technology” which combines cutting edge nutrition with high quality ingredients and specialized milling processes to create one of the most advanced equine feeds on the market. These feeds are designed for safe growth, performance, breeding, and maintenance horses of all ages. Intensify Feeds contain specific ingredients to support gastrointestinal health which may reduce the chances of colic, ulcers, and pH imbalances. All Intensify feeds are formulated with reduced carbohydrate levels and elevated levels of fat from “Cool Energy” calorie sources. Exceptional health, conditioning and performance can be expected when using Intensify feeds.


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