deep beehive body
Deep Beehivedeep beehive body

Little Giant® 10-Frame Deep Hive Body

Product Description

The Little Giant 10-Frame Deep Hive Body with Frames is pre-assembled for easy setup and use, including pre-installed wax-coated black plastic foundation for easy viewing of hive activity. Made of unfinished pine, the Deep Hive Body can be used as either a Brood Box or Honey Super and is precision-milled for maximum strength. Ready to be added to your hive right out of the box!

Includes: 10-frame 9.5-inch deep hive body, 9.125-inch wooden frames with wax-coated black plastic foundation.

Can be used as a Brood Box or Honey Super

Fits a 10-frame standard Langstroth Hive, made of unfinished pine

Precision-milled interlocking box joints for maximum strength

10 frames with wax-coated plastic foundation installed

Black foundation provides easier viewing of hive activity

Completely assembled, ready to use  no tools required


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