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Record Rack Golden Deer Nuggets

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Product Description

Record Rack® Golden Deer Nuggets™ are specially designed to attract and nourish deer with a unique nutrition-packed formula. Ideal for replacing deer corn.

Record Rack® Golden Deer Nuggets™ guarantee locked-in freshness, superior palatability and outstanding water resistance—ideal for spin feeders with 2” openings or more, for mixing with other feeds, and for feeding on the ground.


A Superior Replacement for Corn

• Advanced extrusion technology for superior palatability, superior digestibility and superior water resistance.

• More protein for growth and antler development.

• More fat and fiber—and less starch and sugar—to aid digestion and help minimize the risk of digestive upsets in deer.

• Superior mineral and trace mineral package to support the development of structural tissues and antlers.

• Higher vitamin levels for enhanced immune system response during periods of stress from the environment and the rut.

• No waste or stopped-up feeders from corncobs and stalk trash.

• Durable nugget form for convenient spin feeding.

• Wild berry scent and flavoring for enhanced consumption and appeal.

• Aflatoxin safe for all wildlife , including quail and other game birds.