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Triple Crown Complete 12% – Horse Feed

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Product Description

Triple Crown Complete is a high fiber, beet pulp based feed consisting of 12% protein and 12% fat. Triple Crown Complete provides 12% fat and all the calories, vitamins and minerals of a grain-based horse feed, but with half of the potentially harmful soluble carbohydrates. Triple Crown Complete may be used as a partial hay replacement and ideal for horses with gastric ulcers.

A beet pulp-based complete textured feed for mature performance horses.

Triple Crown Complete is getting a face lift. After 15 years of providing great nutrition and being one of our top selling diets, we are making some improvements. We’ve increased the protein guarantee from 11% to 12%, the fat guarantee from 10% to 12% and many of the other key guarantees have been increased as well. We will be transitioning into the new formulation over the next few months. You will see “New and Improved” at the top of the bag and the picture on the front of the bag will be different. The feed itself will look the same.

Complete always did especially well for horse customers when hay and pasture were in tight supply. As the name implies, it can be used to help provide additional fiber in the diet. However, some customers felt they needed to switch to other formulas when hay and pasture were no longer an issue. To the contrary, at Triple Crown we believe high fiber diets are generally preferable to grain based diets and Complete is a great choice for most mature horses, no matter the quantity of hay and pasture they have. These changes make Complete more attractive as an “every day” ration and not just as a special situation feed. Triple Crown Complete was the first feed in this class of beet pulp based feeds and the changes put it back in front of the competition.


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